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37th Annual PRIMA Conference
Beyond Operational Excellence
Creating value in other ways
The 37th PRIMA Conference - entitled ´Beyond Operational Excellence´, was held in Ludwigshafen, Germany, from 17-19 May 2006, and was one of the most successful in recent years.

In this financially-difficult period for the European paper industry, the conference again attracted as many delegates as in the previous two years (around 150, including a number of first-time delegates), as well as an impressive group of corporate sponsors and partners.

The conference was hosted by global chemical company BASF in the company´s home town and at its own premises, beginning with a sumptuous welcome dinner at the BASF Casino. The dinner on the Thursday evening was held at the beautiful Heidelberg castle, and was generously hosted by the Accenture Forest Products industry group.

The presentations were given at the BASF Feierabendhaus, and ´Silver Partners´ of the conference included Fisher International, GEMS Europe, Holmen, Opticom and PaperlinX Europe. Media Partners included RISI, Svensk Papperstidning, EUWID and Pap´Argus.

Based on this impressive platform of partners, the conference´s presenters had a lot to live up to, but judging from the reaction of the delegates, they did that with flying colours, as many of the presentations were judged to be excellent both in content and delivery and initial indications are that the overall quality of the conference was felt to have been as good as, if not even better than, the best PRIMA Conferences of recent years.

The summaries of the opening address, keynote address and both conference sessions provide you with detailed information on the contents and key findings.

Following the Conference itself, many delegates opted to go on one of two rather fascinating tours around BASF´s plants, focusing on Innovation and Sustainability. As well as touring various parts of the Ludwigshafen plants and hearing talks on the subjects under review, the visitors were also treated to a demonstration of BASF´s pilot paper coater, which equalled the world speed record of 3,333 metres per minute (a record that the BASF coater already holds) during the visit.

Conference programme

Presentations pdf version (conference delegates only)

  Host of PRIMA 2006
Host of PRIMA 2006

Keynote speaker Markus Kramer, BASF
Keynote speaker Markus Kramer, BASF

John Riker, Managing Director, Blue Ocean Strategy - Initiative Centre
John Riker, Managing Director, Blue Ocean Strategy - Initiative Centre